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Are businesses facing Facebook Armageddon?

Social media is always awash with discussions about the number of people who will see a post, particularly those posted on Facebook. People believe business pages do not show in the newsfeed on the platform unless they pay.

There is much talk that organic reach (people who see your posts without you paying for them to) is dead. However, organic reach has been on the decline for a number of years for businesses, indeed on average organic reach is just 2% of your page audience.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, if your business page is producing engaging content which generates interest and discussion with your target (and that is key – your target) audience then organic reach won’t decline for your business page. And, even with new updates on the platform, your organic reach will be higher than average as engagement is key in getting your content in front of people.

When algorithms change and people talk about declining reach, look at it as an opportunity to rethink your social media strategy. You could shift your focus to other platforms – remember though, Instagram is owned by Facebook so could go the same way! I believe it key to remember social media has always been about social networking, not social selling. No one goes on the platforms thinking, ‘I need to buy x’ they have always used the platforms to engage with family and friends, to find out news and useful information.

Consider how you can engage your target audience and build a community. You can no longer rely on ‘engagement bait’ asking for likes, reactions, shares or comments. Facebook has got wise to this and are cracking down on it. You need to think, ‘why am I posting this?’ for each piece of content.

Think about your audience and review how your content is adding value for them and making a difference. You will need a blend of content, some video, some live video and some graphics; mix it up to keep things interesting for your audience.

Live video on Facebook receives on average six times as many interactions as other videos but this does not mean all your videos should be live or indeed all your content should be video! However, consistently posting live videos, perhaps at the same time each week so your audience starts to expect them, will help your reach and engagement.

Look at how you can weave storytelling into your social media posts and build a community around your content. If you struggle with live videos or any video at all, use your Facebook and Instagram business pages as a gallery, a brochure; showcase your blogs, useful articles, graphics and position your business as an expert in its field. Make sure your website carries links to your Facebook page so people can see your up to date content on Facebook when checking out your business.

Talking of websites, its important to remember social media platforms are ‘borrowed spaces’. Your business can have a presence on them but you don’t own the platform; if Mark Zuckerberg decided to shut down Facebook tomorrow, there would nothing any of us could do about it.

Drive people to your website and build mailing lists as these are your assets – but ensure you are complying with data protection and GDPR regulations.

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